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T&S Brass Product Launch Support

Product Launch

The Challenge

T&S Brass, a leading manufacturer of faucets, fittings and specialty products and accessories, developed the Ultrarinse, a new product for foodservice kitchens. They already had a robust sales team and dealer network to help drive uptake, and they wanted to create a variety of assets to support them and jumpstart industry awareness.

Project Showcase

The VantagePoint team created assets to support the launch, including print, email and an animation of the product in action, all demonstrating the UltraRinse attachment for manual faucets. Because the outward appearance of the product was not a major differentiator, we needed to highlight the Ultrarinse’s unique functionality. The assets focused on showing the product in use and describing how the UltraRinse performed significantly better than hands and/or a colander in promoting food safety while simultaneously saving time, water and money.

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