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T&S Brass Content Marketing & Social Media Program

Content Marketing & Social Media

The Challenge

T&S Brass sells its products through the traditional foodservice and plumbing channels, including inside sales, manufacturer’s reps, dealers and wholesalers, and consultants and engineers, among other influencers. With a broad and deep product line for both markets, it’s critical that T&S keep messages in front of its channel partners through a variety of communication channels, including social media.

The Solution

VantagePoint has been managing T&S’ content marketing and social media program for several years, including posting articles on tsbrass.com, creating case studies and posting regularly on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Most recently, VantagePoint led the planning and implementation of an employee advocacy program, incentivizing T&S ambassadors to share content to their networks, and also incorporated the use of an AI video tool to convert written articles into video content.

T&S YouTube channel
T&S tweets
T&S Facebook page
4000 +
Followers on LinkedIn
2.9 %
Follower growth per quarter
13.4 %
Annual increase in reach

The Results

T&S social media channels continue to experience growth in followers and engagement, and T&S’ marketing leadership continually hear comments from industry peers and partners asking how they manage to stay so active through social media. T&S has experienced an average of 2.9% follower growth per quarter over the past year and an annual increase of 13.4% in reach across channels.

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