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S&D Golden Prospects Trade Show Campaign

Trade Show Marketing

The Challenge

S&D Coffee & Tea wanted to drive “Golden Prospects” (high-value decision makers at regional and national restaurant chains) to their booth at the National Restaurant Association Show.

Our Solution

Our experience showed that a disruptive and targeted pre-show campaign was successful in driving specific traffic to the booth. Using that knowledge, we created a strategy called “We’ll Help You Grow” that demonstrated to prospects that S&D could be their trusted beverage partner and help them find the best way to grow their beverage business. The approach included several tactics:

  • Prior to the show we mailed 150 prospects a dimensional mailer containing a 2-foot high Arabica coffee bean plant
  • The mailer included a booklet with care instructions and CTA to register online for a VIP demonstration and exclusive gifts
  • Reminder emails linked to the registration site and revealed charitable donations made to support indigenous coffee growers and their environments
12 %
conversion rate
400 %
increase in booth meetings
47 %
of prospects visited microsite

The Results

The campaign was a huge success:

  • 12% of the “Golden Prospects” scheduled a booth meeting, a 400% increase from the year prior
  • 47% of the prospects visited the microsite to learn more
  • The client commented “our collaboration led to a creative approach that we could never have imagined on our own. Because of VantagePoint, we got the results we needed to sustain this program into the future.”

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