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Our Work

Saia superhero ad campaign

Creative Design & Marketing Collateral

The Challenge

After making a number of large organizational, efficiency and equipment changes, Saia was able to compete more equally with national top-tier carriers like FedEx Freight and UPS Freight. Saia wanted regional and national shippers to view Saia as a top-tier trucking firm, and one they could consider using to ship their freight without worry.

The Solution

VantagePoint created a campaign that highlighted Saia employees – the force behind the improved Saia – as superheroes, willing to do what it takes to make sure the customer’s freight is delivered efficiently, quickly, and safely. We depicted how key roles within the company helped “save the day” for customers, leading to a superior customer experience

straight quarters of shipment growth
3.2 %
yield increase
5 %
operating income increase

The Results

Despite a slowdown in freight shipment nationally across all carriers, Saia’s shipments grew for 4 straight quarters after the campaign launched, resulting in a 3.2% yield increase and a 5% operating income increase. Due to the success of the ads, Saia chose to extend the campaign a year beyond its original timeframe and use it as the foundation for a brand awareness campaign.

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