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The Challenge

LTI provides customizable food serving solutions for chain restaurants, franchises and schools.  Prior to the COVID pandemic, LTI generated its leads and sales opportunities through tradeshows and in-person meetings. When these opportunities vanished, LTI realized that their marketing and sales teams weren’t aligned to acquire leads or protect existing relationships. The sales team had more than 10,000 contacts but didn’t have a clear path for how to engage those prospects.

The Solution

VantagePoint recommended aligning the sales and marketing teams through a CRM and marketing automation platform to help score, qualify and nurture leads, as well as enabling more visibility and collaboration between teams. The effort began with email drip campaigns that identified the most active prospects through lead scoring and helped the sales team to focus on contacting its most sales-ready prospects.

825 %
increase in web traffic from email
MQLs in first month
300 %
increase in sales opportunities

The Results

  • 33 marketing qualified leads in the first month
  • 6 sales opportunities identified from marketing qualified leads
  • 300% increase in sales opportunities acquired from email over the previous year
  • 825% increase in web traffic from email in 2 years.

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