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Henny Penny Thought Leadership Campaign

Creative Design & Marketing Collateral

The Challenge

In an increasingly commoditized segment, Henny Penny needed to differentiate itself from other manufacturers and demonstrate foodservice thought leadership to stand out in the marketplace.

The Solution

Recognizing Henny Penny’s internal expertise with tenured foodservice professionals, VantagePoint recommended and developed a 16-page magazine-style content piece with both self-published and curated industry insights and product highlights.

The “From Trend to Table” piece was gated behind a promotional landing page, and traffic was driven through paid digital advertising (both trade and programmatic). An automated email campaign was activated by downloads, serving to nurture leads and drive traffic to local distributors.

Digital ads
Blog post
Landing page
unique landing page visits
restaurants represented by downloads
50 %
highest email CTR

The Results

  • The digital advertising resulted in above-average click-through rates, driving more than 4,000 unique landing page visits during this short-term campaign
  • Leads representing more than 5,000 restaurant locations worldwide downloaded the gated content
  • Follow-up e-mails achieved 20-50% CTRs

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