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Henny Penny KFC Booth

Trade Show Marketing

The Challenge

Henny Penny, a manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment, was celebrating 50 years of partnership with KFC during its annual convention and throughout the year at regional shows. Henny Penny wanted to demonstrate the longevity and ingenuity of the KFC-Henny Penny relationship and commemorate the milestone.

The Solution

The annual convention was taking place in Nashville, TN, so VantagePoint created a thematic tie to Nashville’s “music city” reputation.  We created a celebratory theme centered around the phrase “Playing Your Tune for 50 Years,” supported through a variety of booth tie-ins, including:

  • A booth backdrop displaying the theme and “chart topping” partnership milestones
  • A custom-illustrated t-shirt giveaway, themed like concert tour swag
  • “Platinum records” for each product displayed within the booth, created using real records, custom labels and name plates, all framed for a unique spin on product signage
  • An animated “Top 10 countdown” showing key reasons for doing business with Henny Penny
Booth at the KFC Convention
Platinum-record-styled product detail
Looping Powerpoint presentation
Shirt front
Shirt detail
Shirt back

The Results

The theme was highly successful, leading to conversations with KFC franchisees about increasing their installed base of Henny Penny products. The t-shirt giveaway was a huge hit, with show attendees approaching Henny Penny staff to find out where they could get the shirts.

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