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Estes Customer Campaign

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The Challenge

Estes Express Lines was regarded by shippers as merely a long-haul LTL carrier, despite having extensive 1- and 2-day delivery capabilities. Many of Estes’ prospective customers were simply unaware of this service offering, and Estes’ sales staff needed a new way to generate leads for 1- and 2-day regional shipping.

The Solution

VantagePoint addressed the issue head-on by directly relating Estes to the number “1.” Since the lead generation campaign launched during the football season, we capitalized on the competitive nature of fans and their desire to be associated with a winning team. The integrated program included a direct mail series, emails, viral photo contest and incentives, with a microsite as the central hub for the campaign.

Foam hand, part of direct mail package
Direct mail flyer
Direct mail postcards
44 %
of prospects visited the microsite
5500 %
12 %
conversion rate

The Result

The campaign was overwhelmingly successful:

  • 3300 of the targeted 7500 prospects visited the microsite
  • 900 prospect meetings were scheduled, more than two times the goal
  • The conversion rate was more than 12%
  • Campaign ROI totaled 5500%

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