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Cryovac Product Launch

Product Launch Strategy

The Challenge

Cryovac had created an innovative reclosable packaging for perishable foods. They turned to VantagePoint to help generate demand for the Multi-Seal packaging among target audiences.

The Solution

  • Our research showed that the new product was appealing, but was best understood by prospects actually handling and testing it, calling for a product sampling campaign.
  • We identified three distinct target audiences that would make good customers for Multi-Seal, so we created unique value propositions and key messaging for each audience
  • We developed a three-dimensional direct mail piece, using the reclosable packaging as the actual mailer to demonstrate its durability and sealing capability.
  • We developed a microsite to support the direct marketing initiative and the entire product launch
  • We developed an online training program to help train staff to sell this new product effectively
30 %
response rate
companies visited Cryovac's booth

The Results

  • The initial product direct mail campaign generated a 30% response rate
  • The email campaign had a 30% click-through ratio and generated 97 leads for sales followup
  • The microsite received nearly 5500 visits, and representatives from 40 companies stopped by Cryovac’s booth at a major industry tradeshow to discuss Multi-Seal

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