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BMW Recruitment Campaign

Media Buying

The Challenge

The US plant for this global auto manufacturer was finding it difficult to find appropriately skilled equipment maintenance technicians for the advanced robotics in the plant and had exhausted their typical recruitment approaches.

The Solution

Since traditional “help wanted” advertising wasn’t working, VantagePoint proposed a targeted approach that featured the following tactics and media:

  • Geographic targeting, aimed at narrow regions across the country where prospects might be found, usually working at a similar plant
  • Lifestyle targeting, emphasizing the better quality of life in the area of the BMW plant
  • Media targeting, including broad (radio) and micro-targeted (programmatic digital, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and streaming radio)
  • A landing page to capture interested prospects and track their engagement
  • Support materials for job fairs in the targeted regions
digital programmatic ads
Instagram ad
Facebook ad

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landing page visits
487 %
digital ad CTRs compared to average
475 %
Facebook ad CTRs compared to average

The Results

The campaign was so successful it was suspended after just 3 months of a planned 2-year run. The number of new hires increased 51 percent from 567 total applicants.

Campaign metrics included:

  • Over 23 million social, radio and streaming impressions, resulting in 8800 unique microsite visits
  • Digital ad CTRs 487% higher than average
  • Facebook ad CTRs 475% higher than average
  • Instagram ad CTRs 200% higher than average

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