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AyrKing Website

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The Challenge

As AyrKing continued to grow their product line and customer base, there became a clear need to move beyond their small informational site to a robust e-commerce experience. The defined goals for the new website included:

  • Serve as a global “front door” to the brand, becoming a sales arm for AyrKing
  • Educate, share and explain AyrKing’s wide product offering
  • Create a more robust e-commerce experience within the U.S. and Canada
  • Create a more seamless experience between ayrking.com and parts.ayrking.com (an e-commerce portal previously reserved for parts sales they wanted to maintain and grow)
  • Implement SEO best practices, making AyrKing and its products more discoverable online
  • Better showcase their brand positioning

The Solution

Through our strategic website development process, VantagePoint led AyrKing through the discovery and development phases, creating the site map, information architecture, wireframes, content, layout and CMS for an all-new website presence.

33 %
increase in first-page search results
96 %
increase in pages-per-session
8 %
growth in online orders

The Results

In just two months post-launch, AyrKing doubled its visibility in search traffic, ranking for 348 total keywords (including 33% more keywords ranking on the 1st page) vs the 171 ranked for pre-launch. The bounce rate decreased 33.6% compared to launch, and there was a 96% increase in average pages per session among organic visitors. AyrKing is also receiving online purchases for major products previously not available through e-commerce, with a total growth of 8% in online orders.

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