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Ayrking B2B Market Research

Marketing Strategy

The Challenge

AyrKing was trying to understand growth opportunities in a new market, to accurately gauge the possibilities for success or failure

The Solution

VantagePoint designed a multifaceted research study that included:

  • Primary and secondary research related to market size and growth trends
  • In-depth interviews with key operators in the target segment
  • Pricing strategy review and recommendations
  • Messaging strategy review and recommendations
The final report included research findings, interview summaries, pricing strategies, and messaging recommendations
Custom content helped AyrKing reach the new market
A calculator on the AyrKing website showed prospective customers their potential savings

The Result

The research uncovered a large addressable market for AyrKing and the insight needed to develop a market introduction strategy, including a target account plan and foundational sales tools. Within six months, the first unit was sold to the new market with a commitment for a rollout in additional locations.

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