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Antunes Chef’s Challenge Promotion

Content Marketing & Social Media

The Challenge

Antunes, a manufacturer of countertop cooking equipment, had planned a “Chef’s Challenge” event, encouraging more innovative use of their equipment to highlight menu versatility opportunities. Antunes wanted to leverage the event to reach audiences who were less aware of their brand and to grow social media followers.

The Solution

VantagePoint designed a plan to promote the video content captured at the event, targeting chefs and other decision-makers from relevant segments:

  • A teaser video was promoted through a paid LinkedIn campaign, inviting viewers to follow the brand on social media to see “Chef’s Challenge” menu innovations
  • Select videos capturing chef participation also were promoted through paid LinkedIn campaigns
  • A landing page was developed to contain all videos, event information, branded content and CTAs for social follows and website visits, and the URL was used in all social posts (organic and paid)
  • A written piece of content summarizing the trends surfaced through the event was produced and promoted organically and through a sponsored LinkedIn post
Landing page
Social posts
3 x
industry-average CTR
55 %
increase in YouTube subscribers
unique engaged users

The Results

The LinkedIn campaigns’ average clickthrough rate nearly tripled industry averages at 1.14%, contributing to a 55% increase in YouTube subscribers and above-average increase in LinkedIn followers. In addition to the social activity, the campaign landing page attracted nearly 700 unique users who actively engaged with the videos and other content.

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