Aladdin Hospital Photoshoot & Renderings - VantagePoint

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Aladdin Hospital Photoshoot & Renderings

Animation & 3D Design

The Challenge

Aladdin Temp-Rite provides innovative meal delivery solutions for hospitals, long-term care facilities and correctional institutions. With several new products and an outdated photo library, Aladdin needed a new photoshoot — but with healthcare facilities at capacity in the middle of the pandemic, that wasn’t going to happen. They needed a different solution.

Project Showcase

Without access to a hospital, VantagePoint harnessed its in-house 3D design capabilities and produced several new shots that highlighted products in their proper environments. We managed a photoshoot using models, a greenscreen backdrop and specific shooting angles to create photo-realistic virtual healthcare scenes that built important new additions to Aladdin’s photo library.

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