Three lesser-known [but important] digital performance metrics

Gone are the days of creating an ad, placing it in a publication, and hoping and praying for an impact. These days, a company’s marketing department absolutely has to think about and anticipate results even before the ad has run.

Some metrics are pretty straightforward, like a click-thru rate (CTR) — the percentage of people who saw the ad who actually clicked on it — and a conversion rate — the percentage of people who took the next step we hoped they would.

Others available metrics are less understood but can offer tremendous value in ensuring that after the ad has worked, the trail isn’t running cold.

1. Bounce Rate. This is the percentage of people who came to your site but didn’t stay. It generally means the recipient was intrigued enough by your ad to click it, but the content to which the ad drove did not resonate. The good news? Now you know and you can work to optimize the content to better suit the audience.

2. Return Visitor Rate. This is the percentage of people who found the content on your website valuable enough to come back again. Return visitors represent those targets who are ready for the next step because they’ve moved from a passive recipient to an active prospect. Consider plugging them into a marketing automation program aimed at providing them with more content that will get them to convert. The beauty is, you already know what sort of content they like!

3. Reach. If Impressions is the number of times a digital ad is shown/seen, then Reach is the number of unique individuals who saw the ad. This number is important for demonstrating the success of your digital marketing efforts because it paints a more realistic portrait of your audience size. Understanding this number gives you much-needed context when looking at all the digital campaign metrics and evaluating which of them provide you with good information for continual improvement.

To learn more about how to make the most of your digital marketing efforts with more direct creative, view this blog on two tactics that help boost messaging — or contact VantagePoint Marketing to continue the conversation.

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