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B2B content marketing and social media to help buyers

Let VantagePoint help your B2B content and social efforts

At VantagePoint Marketing, we work with B2B clients across a range of industries every day to strategically manage their content marketing and social channels to better — and more consistently — connect with customers, prospects and channel members.


Content Marketing & Social Media

Our exclusively B2B social and content experience has given us in-depth knowledge about what channels and tactics provide the best reach and engagement across a range of B2B audiences. We know how to use engaging content to harmoniously couple content marketing and social media, which increases engagement and drives traffic.

We consistently grow our clients’ B2B social media following by an average of 15% quarter over quarter and drive thousands of website pageviews every month with thought leadership content. We’re adept at writing about technical and complex topics, creating content that helps buyers throughout the customer journey.

Are you looking for B2B social media or content marketing help only, instead of a full integrated marketing program? We can help! Check out our B2B social media services and our B2B content marketing services, crafted specifically to help you with all your content and social needs.

VantagePoint B2B content marketing and social media services

No matter your industry, buyers look to your content and social feeds to help them make decisions. Be prepared with our B2B social media and content marketing services:
Strategy development
Determine the right channels and topics to meet your goals and engage with customers throughout the buying journey
Social media management
Manage channels on your behalf, as well executing paid social campaigns
Content development
Create compelling and informative content, including blogs, thought leadership, whitepapers, case studies, infographics and videos
Analysis and reporting
Measure against benchmarks to determine the impact of your social media and content marketing

Our B2B content and social work

Keep your buyers informed. Learn how VantagePoint helped our B2B clients with content marketing and social media services.

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