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B2B SEO services to help prospects find you

Organic search is responsible for more than half the traffic to B2B websites. Are your prospects finding you when they search? And is your website optimized for the things you want to be found for? Don’t leave it to chance — put SEO to work for you.

Why use a B2B SEO agency?

At VantagePoint Marketing, we’ve helped B2B clients identify the ways their customers and prospects are searching and optimize their sites for essential keyphrases. Without chasing fads or resorting to gray-hat tactics, we work with our clients to create a long-term and holistic B2B SEO strategy that understands user intent, optimizes content for every stage in the long B2B buying cycle, and helps you stay top-of-mind with improved search results.


Search Engine Optimization

We start with an in-depth SEO audit of keywords and traffic monitoring, learning what terms are driving traffic to your sites and those of your competitors. Once we’ve prioritized the terms that your business should be ranking for, we apply them to your website’s content and structure, as well as to blogs and thought leadership content.

We then monitor and manage the results and conversions, tweaking language as we learn which keyphrases draw the right traffic. At VantagePoint Marketing, B2B SEO management isn’t just a one-and-done proposition — we want to keep you ranking high for the long term.

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New to SEO? Start here!

Understandably, many B2B companies are overwhelmed by SEO terminology and don’t completely grasp the value proposition of search optimization when they first begin looking into the tactic. That’s why we created this quick-reference “SEO cheat sheet,” intended to help marketing personnel better understand SEO, and equip them to more effectively sell SEO internally. Click below to access!

VantagePoint B2B SEO services

Are you missing out on searches that send customers to your competition? Let us help you with search engine optimization services that will get results, including:
SEO audit
Pinpoint any issues that may be preventing your site from ranking higher in search results
Keyword strategy
Identify, analyze and prioritize the terms that matter most and are easily “ownable” for your company
Keyword competition analysis
Determine the best keyphrases for your business, which terms your competitors are ranking for, and adjusting strategy accordingly
Site optimization
Apply SEO-friendly terms and coding to your site structure to ensure you’re attracting the right audience and driving the most conversions
Content creation
Build content, such as thought leadership and blogs, that utilizes your prioritized keyphrases and gets you found organically on various search engines
Backlinking strategies
Target industry-relevant sites to gain visibility for your company and help search engines classify you as a trusted authority in your industry
SEO reporting
Monitor site performance and get full visibility into how SEO tactics are driving organic traffic to your site; get recommendations for necessary strategy adjustments
Site migration support
Build a strategy for merging multiple sites to ensure a smooth transition and retain site authority that you’ve built with the search engines

Our B2B SEO work

Be found — and grow your business. See how VantagePoint helped other B2B clients improve their site optimization and increase sales.

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