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Media Buying

Effective B2B media buying and paid search

Paid media can be a big money-waster if you use the wrong media partners and tactics. But with all of the data and insight available to today’s B2B marketer, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let us help you leverage your B2B media buys and search engine marketing effectively.

VantagePoint’s B2B paid media strategies

The dedicated media team at VantagePoint Marketing is well-versed in the nuances of B2B advertising buys — we know what works in B2B, and why typical B2C tactics may not be successful. We’re experienced negotiators and know how to use paid media to support and amplify your marketing.


Media Buying

Our strategic planning and buying experience is broad and deep, in a wide range of print and digital venues. From traditional trade media to programmatic ad buys, search engine marketing to Google Shopping, or native social campaigns to sponsored content, we’ve planned it, and we’ve bought it. We’ve even included radio and outdoor for specialized B2B campaigns.

Terms like “native advertising,” “search retargeting,” “e-commerce conversion rates” and “geofencing” are regular parts of our vocabulary. And we’re Google Ads Search Certified to provide you the best value on your PPC campaigns.

VantagePoint B2B media buying services

Our goal is to help you buy as much reach as you can afford, without jeopardizing frequency, with the right media mix. We offer services including:
Media Partner Audit & Scorecard
Assess potential media channels based on their fit for your media goals
Annual Media Planning
Develop an integrated media program, including media partners/channels, tactic selection and flighting
Media Buying & Management
Negotiate, secure and manage media insertions with trade, programmatic, PPC, social and other paid media tactics
Media Optimization & Reporting
Analyze and optimize campaigns to reach KPI goals and provide monthly metrics reports
Media Relationships
Build and maintain strong relationships with media partners to provide excellent service, rates and value adds for our clients

Our B2B paid media work

Get the widest presence for the smartest spend. See how we helped our B2B clients make the most of their media buys.

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