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Stop the guesswork

A better approach

The key to marketing is meeting your prospective customers with the right approach, where they are, and when they’re most receptive. But it’s extremely difficult to do this using the traditional model. At VantagePoint, we’ve developed a cutting-edge method using AI, data, and decades of experience that’s shown a 100% success rate over the past two years.

Boost your visibility

Your products or services need to show up in the right place at the right time in front of the right audience.

Evaluate your plan

Stop using guesswork or tactics taken from other companies with different goals, challenges, or markets.

Follow the data

Take the time to understand your customer’s behavior, or you could miss out on valuable opportunities.

It’s all in the data

The VantagePoint Digital Playbook

With our Digital Playbook you get a comprehensive analysis of your digital marketing initiatives, laying out a detailed road map of how to use the digital marketing strategies and tactics that will give your business the best bang for your buck.  It’s broken up  into three parts: Discovery, Digital Assessment, and Digital Marketing Plan.

In-depth Discovery phase

Our team of experts will take a close look at what you’re doing currently, identifying your marketing goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), main competitors, challenges, marketing ROI, and determining how your team defines marketing success.

Digital Assessment and benchmarking

We evaluate your website’s performance and search engine ranking using big data and artificial intelligence (AI). We also benchmark your company’s performance against your top three competitors for website, search, social and digital advertising.

Digital Marketing Plan development

We use data from the Discovery session, Digital Assessment, and Competitive Benchmarking process to pinpoint the opportunities that have the potential to generate the highest ROI for your company and then create a comprehensive plan of action.

The choice is yours

Use your Digital Playbook however you want

Once you have your Digital Playbook in hand, you can use it however best fits your needs. You can give it to your internal team, have your existing agency work on it, or have us either work with your team or maximize your potential for success by implementing your entire strategy for you.

Internal team

Have your in-house team implement our detailed strategy.

External team

Give your existing agency or contractor specific instructions.


Have us work with your team or do everything turnkey for you.

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Frequently asked questions

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What happens in the Discovery phase?

As part of the Discovery process, we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of your current digital marketing initiatives and compare those with up to three competitors. 

We’ll identify:

  • Your marketing goals
  • Challenges or roadblocks you’ve encountered
  • How marketing is viewed in your organization
  • Which key performance indicators (KPI’s) you track
  • Your marketing ROI requirements 
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What’s included in the Digital Assessment?

The Digital Assessment is a highly effective comprehensive analysis of the top three areas of online customer engagement: website performance, digital advertising, and social media. Our experts evaluate your company’s performance compared to your top competitors, identifying your strengths and finding opportunities for improvement. What makes our Digital Assessment so effective is our team’s decades of experience combined with our extensive resources and access to data.

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What can I expect with the Digital Marketing Plan?

With the Digital Marketing Plan, you’ll get the high-level strategy we developed along with detailed tactics to implement it. From there you can execute the plan with internal resources, have us complete everything for you turnkey, or have us work with your existing team.

The plan helps maximize visitor traffic by providing your:

  • High-level market strategy
  • Positioning map to help differentiate your company from the competition
  • List of needed web maintenance items 
  • SEO strategy, including needed website updates, ongoing improvement initiatives, and ways to improve search engine rankings for keywords.
  • Content plan and the necessary content to generate leads, help with SEO, and establish thought leadership.
  • Digital media strategy to drive traffic and complement search engine performance, lead generation and competitive differentiation.
  • Social media strategy, including posting frequency, channels to focus on, type of content to develop and mix of media to utilize.

If you chose to have VantagePoint implement these strategies, you’ll also get: 

  • A comprehensive analytics platform
  • Regular reporting on KPI’s
  • Access to a variety of helpful marketing platforms ($3k+ per month value)
  • Supporting graphics for social media, advertising and content ($2k+ per month value)