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Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing audit

Stop the waste. Start with a digital marketing audit.

It’s time to stop wasting valuable marketing dollars on digital marketing tactics that may not be working. It’s time to stop the digital marketing experimentation. To stop the trial and error.

Instead, start with a digital marketing audit, and get clear, data-driven guidance on what to do next.

What does a digital marketing audit do?

With the help of machine learning, big data, and important context, VantagePoint’s digital marketing audit will help you understand your digital marketing effectiveness, BEFORE you waste any more marketing dollars.

What’s in a digital marketing audit?

Your audit will give you a better understanding of how your digital marketing compares to your competitors and includes a website/SEO analysis, an SEM audit, an in-depth social media review, a competitor analysis for these same areas, and an actionable executive summary.

How will my company benefit?

You’ll get a documented summary of the effectiveness of the digital marketing efforts of your company and your competitors. Plus, you’ll get a clearer understanding about which tactics are working and which need improvement, with actionable “next steps.”
Why VantagePoint?

Proven digital marketing success

VantagePoint Marketing has been helping companies improve their marketing since 1993. Here are just a few recent digital success stories:

Foodservice company

increase in ranked keywords
increase in pages per session
growth in online orders

B2B manufacturer

social follower growth
increase in web traffic
increase in organic search clicks

Medical manufacturer

engagement increase on Twitter
engagement increase on LinkedIn
fan increase on Facebook

Parts supplier

increase in e-commerce revenue
increase in average order value
increase in organic traffic
Stop the confusion

4 weeks to a clearer digital growth strategy

CEOs, CMOs and Marketing VPs agree – they don’t know what digital marketing tactics are working for them, they don’t have a good digital growth strategy, and they worry they’re wasting their digital marketing dollars.

Now you can know for certain, in 4 weeks or less, what your digital marketing is accomplishing and where your dollars could be best spent. Our data-driven digital marketing assessment will provide clear direction on the best digital tactics to implement — and why.

In-depth analysis

What you’ll get with a digital marketing assessment

Website assessment

Keyphrase ranking evaluation
We’ll compare your keyphrases to your competitors so you can see if improvements are necessary
Organic traffic overview
How many of your visitors are coming organically, and how many are you paying to visit your site?
Organic keyword summary
Which keywords are the most successful in getting visitors to your website? And are those the keywords you WANT to be found for?
Organic competitors
Which competitors are siphoning off your traffic, and are they the same competitors you think you’re fighting against? Are there keyphrases that overlap between your sites, and are your competitors outperforming you on those keyphrases?
Competitor traffic summaries
How are your competitors getting their traffic, and are they outperforming you?
Competitor trends
Is the traffic on your competitors’ sites increasing or decreasing, and can you take advantage of that shift?
Referring domains/backlinks
Do you know what sites are sending traffic to your site? Are there other avenues competitors are using that you could emulate?
Site technical performance
How does Google rank the quality and speed of your site, and are you losing traffic as a result? Or worse, are site visitors abandoning because you’re not following best practices?

Digital advertising and SEM assessment

Ad quality
Are your ads on-brand and supportive of your overall marketing efforts?
Competitor ads
Which competitors are active in advertising against you? What ad types are they buying, and are they effective in their spend?
Competitor evaluation
What is the quality of the competitor ads? What keywords are they targeting? What messages are they communicating?
Sample ads
We’ll share sample display and search ads that we’ve been able to uncover, as well as any social ads we can find.

Social media audit

Active channels
Which social media channels are you active in, and are there opportunities to add others to the mix (or even remove channels)?
Channel metrics
Detailed stats on followers and engagement for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for both you and for your competitors, all in one place.
Top performing posts
Which ads have been successful? Are there opportunities for improvement?
Competitive observations
Where are there gaps or competitive opportunities to exploit? What can you do to improve your investment? Where can you take advantage of competitor weaknesses?

Executive summary

9-12 takeaways, at a glance
Easily shareable evaluations and recommendations that you can share with other digital marketing stakeholders and use to help drive future digital marketing tactics.
A digital score
Instantly see where you’re strong and where there’s room for digital marketing improvements.
Try it yourself

DIY with our digital marketing audit template

Want to try your own digital marketing audit? We’ve created a digital marketing audit checklist, sharing some of our processes and data points, so you can track your own digital marketing effectiveness and compare it month to month and against your competition.

Our digital marketing audit template is free to download!

Why VantagePoint?

Prioritizing the right information

For nearly 30 years, we’ve led marketers to make wise decisions with their marketing dollars. Our Insight. Ideas. Impact. approach means we prioritize having the right information to drive the strategic and creative ideas we suggest.
We leverage data
We let the data provide the answers. By using big data and machine learning, we can start with a comprehensive data set on your company, your competitors and your market.
We apply market insights
We use our expertise to find trends, patterns and opportunities in the digital marketing space.
We contextualize
Information is useless in a vacuum. That’s why we user our experience to contextualize the data to help drive the right decisions and investment, based on your business goals.
We build on experience
We’re not a company of upstarts making random digital marketing recommendations. In fact, our employees average an impressive 19 years of experience in their chosen fields. That’s experience that helps you make the best digital marketing decisions.
We provide results
Our clients see results that far outstrip the industry norms


higher pages per session


higher session duration


lower bounce rates


higher conversion rates


higher video ad watch rates


social media engagement increase
Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the digital marketing audit

What is a digital marketing audit?

A digital marketing audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your website, SEO, digital advertising (both display and PPC/search), and social media presence.

It will include both metrics on your own digital marketing performance, competitive analysis for other companies in your market, and suggestions for improvement. Using big data and machine learning, coupled with contextual analysis, a VantagePoint digital marketing audit will help position you for success.

Why is a digital marketing audit important?

A digital marketing audit is important because it allows you to see the effectiveness of your current marketing tactics and informs your marketing choices.

A digital marketing assessment will help to eliminate the “experimental” nature of digital advertising and give you a solid foundation to inform future digital marketing decisions. 

Marketing and sales leaders have repeatedly said they’re tired of not knowing if their marketing tactics are working or not. A digital marketing audit will help give a clearer picture than anyone can use to better spend their marketing dollars.

What questions will you ask in your digital marketing audit?

A VantagePoint digital marketing audit will answer questions like where is my web traffic coming from? What organic search phrases are giving me the most site visitors? What key phrases are my competitors using to get traffic? Are there trends in my site traffic that require attention? Are there here competitive practices or opportunities that I can take advantage of? Are my digital ad buys effective? Are search ads leading the right kind of traffic to my website? What kinds of digital advertising are my competitors doing? What social channels are most effective for my brand? What are my competitors posting on social media? Are there opportunities for me to capture social followers that my competitors aren’t?

These questions, and many more, will be answered by our digital marketing assessment, giving you a clearer picture of the effectiveness of your digital marketing tactics and helping you decide what the best digital marketing tactics are for future efforts.

How will a digital marketing assessment save me money?

If you don’t know what your digital marketing is accomplishing, or how effective it is, then you may be wasting your marketing dollars. The digital marketing assessment is designed to give you the insight you need to know if your current digital marketing is working – and guidance on where to direct those dollars if it isn’t.

Don’t throw good money after bad – get a digital marketing audit before you spend another dollar!

How do you measure social media marketing success?

Social media marketing success is largely determined on what your goals are. Do you want followers? Are you interested in engagement? Do you want your social media accounts to drive purchases? Do you look to your social channels to help recruit employees? Are your social channels primarily a way to share content?

Each of these goals require a different mix of tactics. A VantagePoint digital marketing audit includes social media landscape analysis, including tactics, channels, and competitors, helping you be sure your social channels are aligned with your goals.

Will the digital marketing audit help me increase website traffic?

A digital marketing audit won’t automatically increase website traffic. But the insights gained from a digital assessment will uncover any tactical and strategic mistakes in your SEO, site design and structure, and keyword targeting.

A VantagePoint digital marketing audit will include strategic recommendations to shore up any areas that are lacking; as a result, following these actionable items will very likely increase website traffic.

Will I get more leads on my website because of the digital marketing audit?

Since a digital marketing audit only analyzes website traffic and lead generation, it won’t inherently increase your website leads.

However, the assessment will identify recommendations that are designed to improve overall digital / website performance, which would include lead generation performance.

Why do a digital marketing audit?

Our research has shown that CEO’s, CMOs, and VPs of sales and marketing are tired of marketing tactics that don’t work, and are frustrated about not knowing if their digital marketing is effective or not. They are tired of treating digital marketing as an experiment, full of trial and error.

Why continue down that path with your digital marketing? The VantagePoint digital marketing audit will utilize machine learning, big data, and contextualization to quickly illustrate where your digital marketing is successful and where it isn’t, giving you a clear path forward, free of guessing and experimentation.

Why do a website audit?

If you’re like many marketing leaders, you have a sense if your website is working well or not, but you don’t know for sure. And you may not know exactly why – your Google Analytics gives you the raw data, but it’s not clear what do to with it.

A website audit, part of the VantagePoint digital marketing audit, can help give you a clear picture as to what parts of your website are effective, and where there is room for improvement.

Why is an SEO audit important?

Much of the traffic coming to your website comes from organic search. And if you’re like many marketing leaders, organic search seems like a black art.

An SEO audit, part of the VantagePoint digital marketing audit, will help you see where your organic traffic is coming from, what keywords are searched for, what keywords your competitors’ sites are being found for, and what trends there are that need to be addressed (or capitalized on).

How many competitors will you include in my digital marketing audit?

A VantagePoint digital marketing audit includes competitive analysis of your 3 top competitors. We’ll give you detailed information on their website traffic, keywords, digital ad presence, search ad presence, and social media statistics.

If you have more than 3 competitors, let us know when you talk to us.

Will you include a social media competitive analysis?

Digital media competitive analyses – basically a digital advertising and SEM audit – are included in all VantagePoint social media audits. We’ll analyze the digital display ads, as well as search ads (PPC) for both you and your competitors as part of your digital advertising and SEM assessment.

Since not all media venues are publicly tracked, and digital ad spend is not always publicly available (especially in mediums such as some social ads, email and streaming), we’ll base our analysis on those placements that our research tools are able to uncover.

Will you include a digital advertising and SEM competitive analysis?

Digital media competitive analyses – basically a digital advertising and SEM audit – are included in all VantagePoint social media audits. We’ll analyze the digital display ads, as well as search ads (PPC) for both you and your competitors as part of your digital advertising and SEM assessment.

Since not all media venues are publicly tracked, and digital ad spend is not always publicly available (especially in mediums such as some social ads, email and streaming), we’ll base our analysis on those placements that our research tools are able to uncover.

How long will the digital marketing audit take to complete?

Our digital marketing assessment process is multi-step: we utilize a range of multiple tools, reports, and contextual sources, including machine learning, AI and big data, to come up with a specialized digital marketing audit for every client. And then we apply our extensive experience – an average of 19 years for every VantagePoint employee! – to analyze and contextualize each report.

The finish data is then written, designed and packaged in a way that will be easy to analyze, and even easier to share with other members of your team. Because of this personal touch, each VantagePoint digital marketing audit takes 4 weeks to complete. At the end of that 4 weeks, you’ll have a much better idea what your digital marketing is accomplishing and where your dollars could be best spent.

Will I be able to ask questions about my digital marketing audit?

Of course, questions on your digital marketing assessment are welcome! All VantagePoint digital marketing audits are presented in a virtual face-to-face meeting where our tenured subject matter experts will walk you through each section of the audit. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on any part of the digital marketing audit.

Who will be working on my digital marketing audit?

A tenured team at VantagePoint is hands-on with every digital marketing audit – this isn’t just an entry-level employee running a few reports. You’ll have the expertise of a digital marketing manager, a media manager, an art director, a public relations manager, an account manager and a copywriter, all working on every report.

Our VantagePoint employees average 19 years of experience in their areas of expertise, and all of that knowledge is applied to each report.

Is this just an off-the-shelf report I could pull myself?

The VantagePoint digital marketing audit not an off-the-shelf report. Using a combination of machine learning, big data and AI, combined with contextualization and real-world experience and analysis, each digital marketing audit is a compilation of hundreds of data points.

While you could create your own digital marketing audit – in fact, we’ve created a digital marketing audit template for you to do just that if you’re so inclined — most companies find it easier and more effective to rely on VantagePoint’s reporting tools, data analysis, and expertise to contextualize and create a custom digital marketing audit just for them.

Can I just do the digital marketing audit myself?

If you’d like, you can! Check out the digital marketing assessment checklist we’ve put together if you’d like to create your own report. And if, once you dig in, you find it too daunting or you’d like our expert contextualization and analysis, we’re always here to help!

Why should I pay VantagePoint to do my digital marketing audit?

30 years experience, a range of tools, contextualization expertise, and an average of 19 years experience for each VantagePoint team member, all combine to create a digital marketing audit full of insights and recommendations that will help improve your digital marketing.

It may be the best investment you’ve ever made in your digital marketing.

Does the audit really work?

Here’s what our customers have said about the digital marketing audits

Proven experts

“We now have 3rd party expert, substantiated, actionable intel on how to bolster our digital presence. I would have zero hesitation recommending this service to other B2B colleagues I network with.”

Reporting that works for you

“The report was very thorough and easy to digest. It did a good job of showing us where the best opportunities are for us to improve our digital presence.”

Thorough investigation

“It was good to see how we are doing and what we are investing in compared to our competitors. You guys really investigated every aspect of our digital presence and gave us some insights we’re using today.”

Top-notch value

“Really great value. Some of our other areas recently had outside resources do assessments of their processes and operations and it was much more expensive for those departments to get their assessments. We couldn’t be happier with the value we received.”

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