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Brand Development & Identity

Build your B2B brand with VantagePoint

Is your brand struggling in the market? It could be due to an unclear value proposition or the lack of consistent and strong brand identity. With careful positioning, clear messaging and a memorable brand, you’ll create stronger connections with customers and revenue will grow.

Build your B2B brand with VantagePoint

At VantagePoint Marketing, we’ve worked with dozens of clients in various industries to tackle unique B2B branding challenges. Whether navigating complex M&As, strengthening brands cluttered through growth, introducing new products and services, or refreshing tired brands, we have the experience to help with your B2B brand strategy and positioning.


Brand Development & Identity

We’ve created rigorous processes for the various stages of branding, including our proprietary FasTrak exploration process, our 7-step naming process and our logo development and review process. With an integrated team of strategists and creatives, we apply our various disciplines to create brands that are differentiated.

At VantagePoint Marketing, we’re constantly exploring the way brand identity and positioning is approached in consumer and B2B markets. We research what resonates and what doesn’t, and we apply the resulting knowledge to our client work.

VantagePoint B2B branding services

Does your brand need a new strategic direction? Or refined positioning? Or do you need a new name, logo or identity that stands out? We’re able to provide the brand identity, strategy and positioning services you need.
Brand Architecture & Positioning
Organize and position your brand for clarity and differentiation in the market
Brand Messaging Platform Development
Articulate your brand positioning and key attributes
Brand & Product Naming
Find or create an ownable, unique name to represent your brand, service or product
Identity Development
Create a high-quality logo and brand identity to visually represent your brand
Corporate Branding
Develop business cards, letterhead, presentation templates, sales collateral templates and more
Brand Style Guide
Define and document brand graphic standards

Our B2B branding work

The strongest brands have the clearest and most consistent identities. See how we helped some of our B2B clients grow their business with outstanding branding.

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