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B2B Social Media Packages

Turnkey B2B social media services that get results.

You know social media is important for your B2B company. But you don’t have the time or staff to do it effectively.

Don’t waste another day without an effective B2B social media presence: turn to VantagePoint Marketing.

What’s the benefit of a turnkey social media package?

We take the guesswork out of B2B social media marketing, give you a clear social media strategy, and provide consistent, high-quality posts that get engagement.

Is B2B social media really that important?

Yes! 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions, 46% of corporate recruiters use it to recruit employees, and 76% of companies use it as a primary brand promotion tool.

Do B2B social media services get measurable results?

At VantagePoint, they do. Reports for our social media clients show increases in engagement, leads, clicks, followers, and web traffic as a result of our efforts.
Helping or hurting?

Find out if a B2B social media strategy is right for your company

Did you know that 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions? If you’re not using social media — or are using a social media strategy that’s poorly designed — that’s a HUGE missed opportunity.

Download our free report to be sure you’re on the right track. “7 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy is Costing Your Business Customers, Talent & Money” will help you avoid common mistakes and see why the right B2B social media strategy matters critically to the health of your company.

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Turnkey B2B social media

What’s included in a monthly social media package?

Our social media marketing packages for B2B companies are strategic and turnkey, and can include social media setup, content strategy and creation, daily social monitoring, editorial calendar development, writing and posting, reporting and analytics, and social media graphic design support.

What you get

B2B social media packages in detail

Strategy and analysis services:

Social media strategy
We’ll build a B2B social media plan that aligns to the KPIs that are important to you.
Calendar development
No more aimless posting — we’ll have a plan for what to post and when.
Segmented data and campaign tracking
We can manage a single campaign or multiple ones — all the data will be easy to find.
Advanced reporting and analytics
We’ll report on any KPI or datapoint you want to see covered, with easy-to-read charts.

Content services:

Social media writing services
Attention-getting posts that represent your company and your brand are our specialty.
Content development
Promote your expertise, including blogs, articles, infographics, case studies, and more
Graphic design support
Award-winning graphic support to get attention for your posts — no more digging for clip art!
Video and motion graphics
Get the attention of your audience with moving graphics in their feed.

Management services:

Daily social media management and monitoring
Posting, responding to comments, monitoring your channels — it’s all covered.
Approvals management
Want to approve the posts before they go live? No problem! We’ve got a system for that.
Social listening
See what’s being said about your company, your products, or your competition.
Social media maintenance packages
We’ll manage your entire social presence, including your grid, stories, feed, followers and reporting.

Other services:

Paid social ad campaign support
We can help manage paid campaigns as well, including design, launch, management, and reports.
Sales team training
Want to be sure your sales team is using social media to support their roles? We can help.
Individual platform expertise
LinkedIn management packages, Instagram management packages, Facebook management packages — we do it all.
Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about turnkey B2B social media marketing

What is a social media package?

VantagePoint social media packages are a collection of strategies and tactics that we’ll help craft to fit your company’s needs. They can include things like social media strategy, posting calendars, post content, reports and analysis, graphic design support, custom content, video and motion graphics, and social listening.

Why should B2B companies use social media?

Social media is no longer a luxury, or just something consumer brands do. In fact, 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions, 46% of corporate recruiters use it to recruit employees, and 76% of companies use it as a primary brand promotion tool. You risk losing out to your competition for customers and employees if you neglect B2B social media marketing.

How long does it take to start a social media presence?

Launching a new social channel is an important undertaking that includes writing bios and establishing a presence that reflects your brand’s attributes. It takes about 1-2 months of background work as well as consistent posting before we consider a channel fully launched. Once that’s done, we make recommendations for increasing your follower audience that includes both organic and paid tactics.

Can you provide turnkey social media marketing that I don’t have to worry about?

Of course! Even if we’re not providing any other digital marketing services for you, we can provide a turnkey social media presence for you that you never have to worry about. Many clients look to us to be their outsourced “social media department.”

How are B2B marketers using social media to build brand trust?

Consistent, quality posts that speak to what your customers want to see show that you’re listening. And responding quickly to customers and prospects on social media shows that you’re engaged with your followers. Customers trust brands that demonstrate they are in touch with their audiences.

Which social media platform is best for B2B?

Each company is different; at VantagePoint, we leverage our data to understand where each client’s audience is and what they’ll best respond to. However, we’ve had a great deal of success with LinkedIn for B2B audiences. In addition to LinkedIn, we provide Instagram management packages, Facebook management packages, Twitter management services, and have found that even TikTok can be effective.

Is it possible to measure social media ROI?

Of course! With the right metrics and KPIs, finding ROI for B2B social media is possible. Things like complex sales channels and long sales cycles make this task more difficult, but starting with the right measurements and leveraging insights to know what KPIs lead to leads and sales for your organization is critical.

What’s more important — digital marketing or social media marketing?

We would say BOTH — social media marketing is an important part of the digital marketing puzzle. While occasionally a company can get results from just a single component of digital marketing, such as email, or PPC, we’ve found that a well-rounded, integrated digital marketing strategy that includes social media marketing is critical.

What are the benefits of social media marketing for B2B companies?

Studies have shown that more than three-quarters of B2B buyers use social media to inform their purchasing decisions. That statistic alone should be enough to invest in B2B social media marketing! Companies are also using social media marketing for recruiting in a tight labor market. And there’s the simple fact of competition: no one wants to be absent in a space where their competitors are. (If your competitors AREN’T doing social media marketing? All the more reason to jump in and own the space!)

What is social media management?

“Social media management” refers to the entire social media process. This includes creating editorial calendars, drafting posting schedules, monitoring channels for comments or mentions, and making active recommendations based on data to continue to grow your social presence. We manage everything with as much input from you as you want to help simplify the social management process.

What do B2B decision makers value on social media?

B2B decision makers value straightforward communication driven by data. But at the end of the day, B2B decision makers are still just people, with the same emotions and thought processes as consumers. That’s why our social content strives to deliver effective communication in a way that is still attention grabbing, all under the umbrella of your brand voice and tone.

What is social media advertising?

While much of social media marketing is “free,” the algorithms used by most of the major platforms often mean that even your most dedicated followers may not see your posts. So using platforms to “boost” or “sponsor” your posts can be a valuable tactic. And it’s also possible to buy ad space in the various social media channels, with very specific and narrow targeting.

But what will you post?

Social media content writing services that get results

The best social programs share valuable content with your audience, utilizing insights to understand what information they want and need. We’re specialists at creating engaging content that gets — and keeps — attention, promotes sharing, and builds your brands. Whether infographics, videos, white papers, animations, articles, blog posts, testimonials, or case studies — we can help with B2B content marketing that supports your social media.

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what one client said about our social media services

“VantagePoint has managed social media for multiple brands at Diversified Medical Healthcare. Within just a couple of months of working with them, our overall engagement rose by 18%. Communicating to our target audiences with expert-level knowledge of our industry, the VantagePoint team has helped us to exceed our social media goals.

Kristina Loughrey
Director of Communications, Diversified Medical Healthcare
Why VantagePoint?

B2B social media management services that get measurable results

We focus on insights that lead to results. As a B2B social media agency with nearly 15 years of social media experience, we craft our strategies, tactics, and measurements to ensure tangible impact for our clients.

Medical equipment company

engagement increase on Twitter
engagement increase on LinkedIn
fan increase on Facebook

Manufacturing company

Followers on LinkedIn
Follower growth per quarter
Annual increase in reach

Foodservice company

Industry-average CTR
Increase in YouTube subscribers
Increase in LinkedIn engagement
Why choose VantagePoint?

Turnkey B2B social media that gets results

For nearly 30 years, we’ve led marketers to make wise decisions with their marketing dollars across all forms of B2B marketing, including social media. Our “Insight. Ideas. Impact” approach means we prioritize having the right information to drive the social media recommendations we make.
We leverage data
We use data to understand where your audience is, delineate what they want and need, establish goals and metrics, and provide meaningful results.
We apply market insights
Our extensive expertise — nearly 15 years as a B2B social media agency — helps us find trends, patterns, and opportunities.
We contextualize
We use our experience to contextualize our insights to help drive the right social media decisions and investment based on your business goals.
We build on experience
We’re not a company of upstarts making random recommendations. In fact, our employees average an impressive 19 years of experience in their chosen fields.
The numbers don’t lie
Our clients see results that far outstrip the industry norms


years of B2B experience


Net Promoter Score


Years in social media marketing


The years of experience our employees average in their fields
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