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B2B Content Marketing Packages

B2B content marketing that gets attention

Your buyers do their homework before they ever contact your sales team or fill out a form on your website. Are you providing them with the content they need to keep your company in the running? Are you showing yourself as the expert you are? Are you keeping their attention?

The right content in the right channels helps keep buyers engaged through the funnel, and that requires a strategic approach to B2B content marketing. That’s what we do at VantagePoint Marketing.

What’s the benefit of B2B content marketing services?

Buyers research before they buy, and they prioritize brands that show authority as experts. Attention-getting content, that keeps buyers engaged, is critical to keeping your company in the consideration set.

What does content marketing include?

From white papers to infographics, from case studies to testimonials, from videos to articles, B2B content marketing includes anything that engages and educates a buyer during the decision-making process.

How will my B2B company benefit from content marketing?

Want to be viewed as an expert? Need post content for your social channels? Want to enhance your website? Need to build trust with your prospects? Want to bolster your SEO? Content marketing can do all this, and more.
Why VantagePoint?

B2B content marketing services that get attention

Our exclusively B2B content marketing experience has given us in-depth knowledge about what content tactics provide the best reach and engagement across a range of B2B audiences. We’re adept at writing about technical and complex topics, creating content that gets attention and helps buyers throughout the customer journey.

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Plumbing manufacturer

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Attention-getting content marketing

What’s included in a B2B content writing service?

Our content marketing packages for B2B companies are firmly rooted in a content strategy that varies by company and audience. Deliverables can include content strategy, a content calendar, customer interviews, testimonials, case studies, infographics, motion graphics, videos, articles, blog posts, boosted content, SME programs, branded content, product listings, custom graphics, and reporting and analytics to a range of KPIs.

What you get

B2B content marketing packages in detail

Strategy and analysis services:

Content marketing strategy
We’ll build a B2B content marketing plan that is strategic, with a long-term vision that aligns to the KPIs that are important to you.
Calendar development
No more random content here — we’ll have a plan for what to talk about and when to share it.
Analysis and reporting
We’ll measure against any KPI or datapoint you need, with regular, easy-to-read reports.
Individual platform expertise
We know what works best for content on various platforms, including websites, LinkedIn and more.

Content services:

Content writing services
From blog posts to white papers, animations to infographics, we’ll craft the words that showcase your expertise.
Graphic design support
Award-winning graphic support gets attention for your content and sets you apart from your competitors.
Social media content writing services
If you partner with us for social media management as well, we can coordinate content efforts.
Web content creation services
We’ll create attention-getting and informative content, including blogs, thought leadership articles, white papers, case studies and more.
Video and motion graphics
Keep your prospects’ attention with engaging video, animation and motion graphics.

Management services:

SME management
We’ll handle the heavy lifting in interviewing your company’s experts to glean their knowledge and authority.
SEO integration
We can help increase your search engine visibility with content that ranks for important keywords.
Do you measure up?

Learn how B2B buyers rely on content marketing before purchasing

Did you know that 60% of B2B buyers would rather not interact with a sales rep? Or that 96% of B2B buyers want to see content from your company that demonstrates expertise? The buying process has evolved, and content marketing is leading the charge.

Download our free report to be sure your content marketing meets your buyers where they’re looking. Our report, “How Content Marketing is Changing the B2B Marketing Landscape,” will give you 7 keys to effective content marketing and provide you with valuable content marketing data.

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Why choose VantagePoint?

Expert B2B content marketing packages that gets attention

We’ve led marketers for nearly 30 years across all forms of B2B marketing, including content marketing. Our Insight. Ideas. Impact approach means we prioritize having the right information to drive the content marketing we create.
We leverage data
We use data to understand where you audience is, what they want and need, establish goals and metrics, and provide meaningful results.
We apply market insights
Our extensive expertise — nearly 15 years as a B2B content marketing agency alone — helps us find trends, patterns and opportunities.
We contextualize
We use our experience to contextualize our insights to help drive the right content marketing decisions and investment, based on your business goals.
We build on experience
We’re not a company of upstarts making random recommendations. In fact, our employees average an impressive 19 years of experience in their chosen fields.
The numbers don’t lie


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Net Promoter Score


Years in B2B content marketing


The years of experience our employees average in their fields
Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about attention-getting B2B content marketing for business growth

What is B2B content marketing?

Any content that demonstrates expertise, builds trust, helps buyers throughout the funnel, and keeps prospects engaged can be considered content marketing. Tactically, this content may take the form of white papers, infographics, case studies, testimonials, videos, articles, blog posts and more. B2B content marketing includes anything that engages and educates a buyer during the decision-making process.

Why is content marketing important for B2B?

The long sales cycles of many B2B products and services mean that buyers do their research and stay in the funnel a long time. Good, attention-getting content will establish your company as an expert and one to be trusted, will keep your prospects’ attention throughout the sales cycle and will provide the guidance they need to keep your company in the consideration set.

How do you write B2B content?

At VantagePoint, we know how to write B2B content, with a 30-year history of B2B marketing. We believe strategy and research is an important foundation: you have to know who your audience is and how they best consume content.

Once that’s determined and the best content tactics are chosen, then the writing process varies depending on the medium. But a clear, authoritative and engaging communication and writing style are important above all.

What is included in content writing services?

Our writers will interview your experts and build a wealth of knowledge about your product or service. We’ll then create a content outline for you or your SME to approve, and finally, we’ll start writing. The content type — blog post, infographic, case study, etc. — will dictate what the finished product will look like, but you’ll get a chance to approve the final content before it’s shared with the world.

How does web design impact content marketing?

An often-neglected area of content marketing is its relationship with website design and the UX/UI experience. If you’ve got great content, but it’s buried on your website (or worse, not even shown on your website!), then your efforts are largely wasted. We use our web design expertise to develop sites that showcase attention-getting content and make sure that your content is easily findable and easily consumed.

How does content marketing build trust?

Attention-getting, clearly communicated content that establishes your company and your employees as experts is critical at early stages of the buyer’s journey. The more quality, authoritative (and non-sales-y!) content available to your prospects, the more they’ll trust what you have to say. And the more they trust you, the higher you’ll rank on their short list of companies to do business with.

Why does B2B content marketing fail?

Any number of reasons can contribute to content marketing failure, including not adequately sharing the content, not keeping your audience’s attention, being too promotional, equating “content marketing” with sales collateral, burying your content on your website, content that’s directed at the wrong audience, or content that’s just too boring to be interesting.

How do you make content rank for B2B?

This is the Holy Grail — everyone wants their content to be the first thing Google lists. Anyone who promises this is not reputable, but you can improve your chances of ranking highly with content that is: strategically written to capture important and well-researched keywords, well-designed to get and keep your audience’s attention, and well-written to demonstrate authority and increase engagement.

How does content marketing help SEO?

Search engines reward content that’s authoritative and engaging. While your website can, to a certain degree, serve that purpose, additional content in the form of content marketing will provide more opportunities for search engines to find you. By using your content to strategically incorporate keywords and phrases that resonate with your audiences, you’ll increase your search engine rankings and improve your overall SEO.

What tactics are included in content creation packages?

Because we believe that strategic analysis of your audience and their content needs is important, each package will vary. But tactics could include things like blog posts, infographics, animations, white papers, case studies, videos, testimonials, videos, articles, and motion graphics.

What should I look for in a B2B content marketing agency?

A good B2B agency resource will prioritize a strategic and data-driven approach to knowing your audiences and their buying needs, will have a wide range of tactics in their toolbox, will have SEO expertise to be sure that your content can be found, and will have the B2B experience to understand how content marketing integrates with the complex channels and buying cycles of these unique audiences.

Can’t I just create my own B2B content?

Of course you can. But our nearly 3 decades of B2B experience mean we can think strategically about your content, and our award-winning team of writers and designers help create attention-getting content you might not have time to build.

But how will they see your content?

B2B social media writing services that get results

VantagePoint’s philosophy is that the true value of content marketing is only going to be felt when people can see it. That’s why our social media and content marketing programs go hand-in-hand, as social media provides a perfect venue for sharing your expert content with the world.

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what one client said about our social media services

“VantagePoint has managed social media for multiple brands at Diversified Medical Healthcare. Within just a couple of months of working with them, our overall engagement rose by 18%. Communicating to our target audiences with expert-level knowledge of our industry, the VantagePoint team has helped us to exceed our social media goals.

Kristina Loughrey
Director of Communications, Diversified Medical Healthcare
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