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Animation & 3D graphics

Simplify the complex with B2B animation and 3D graphics

Demonstrating intricate B2B products and concepts can be challenging with typical photography and video, and it’s not always possible to photograph new products in real-life settings. VantagePoint’s animation and 3D graphics services can help solve these challenges, creating life-like product renders, technical demonstrations, and location simulations.

Look to VantagePoint for creative animation and 3D modeling

Whether you need to show the inner workings of a product or a photo-realistic rendering of a new offering in a real-life setting, VantagePoint has the solution. Our animation and 3D rendering services can tell complex stories, working alongside or even replacing costly photo and video shoots.


Animation & 3D graphics

Using animation and 3D design, our in-house team has helped clients support their video needs with a range of animation styles, bolster their photo and video library when application shots aren’t feasible, and explain complex concepts with stylized and realistic representations.

Our technology stack includes state-of-the art rendering hardware and industry standard software like Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Adobe AfterEffects and Adobe Premiere to create a range of solutions, from simple motion graphics to complex virtual scenes.

Are you looking just for 3D product renderings or B2B animated videos, rather than a full integrated marketing program? We have a solution for you! Check out our B2B 3D product rendering services and our B2B motion graphics services. These packages have been designed specifically to give you quick and affordable product renderings and animations.

VantagePoint B2B 3D graphics and animation services

Don’t limit your photo and video assets to things you can capture with a camera. Give your products the best and clearest demonstration with our animation and 3D graphics services:
Animated Videos
Animate explainer, technical, and hype videos in a variety of styles
3D Renderings
Create photo-realistic product, application and scene imagery, both still and video
Motion Graphics
Produce stylized type and graphic videos for training, promotional materials, presentations and more
Animated Graphics
Add movement and interaction to websites and other digital assets
Explain difficult concepts with artwork and cutaways

Our B2B animation and 3D work

Move beyond simple photos and video. Learn how VantagePoint helped our B2B clients tell complex stories through animation and 3D graphics.

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