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Which B2B Content Marketing Metrics Should I Measure?

Which B2B content marketing metrics should I measure? Straightforward question. Complicated answer…or is it?

There are so many options for which metrics to measure it can lead to analysis paralysis.

But instead of trying to look at all of the options available, your best bet is to determine the objective for your content to narrow it down. This will lead you on the path to the most meaningful approach to measurement.

Here are some examples of content objectives and three corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs).

Objective: Brand awareness
KPIs to consider: Total sessions for content web pages, new users, clicks from social channels

Objective: Thought leadership
KPIs to consider: Share of voice, keyword match, bounce rate

Objective: Lead generation
KPIs to consider: Conversion events, marketing-qualified leads, asset downloads

Objective: Customer loyalty
KPIs to consider: Net promoter score, email subscriptions, return user rate

Don’t let the task of selecting relevant KPIs keep you from accurately measuring your content marketing efforts. Determining the KPIs based on your overall objective will set you down the right path — one that leads to success you can quantify.

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