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What you need to know about the growth of digital ad blocking

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Marketers know digital-based advertising is integral to virtually every company’s marketing efforts today.  However, a skyrocketing number of internet users are downloading ad blocking extensions for their browsers (see example blocking guidelines here), and this can have serious ramifications for marketers everywhere.

Despite this, it seems many marketers are unaware of just how pervasive this extension use has become and thus just how threatened their web advertising might be. Below are a few trending statistics to help you better understand web marketing’s fastest-growing hurtle.

  • “Skyrocketing” adoption might be an understatement

AdBlockPlus, the most popular desktop-based ad blocking extension, has been downloaded nearly 500 million times.  And this figure doesn’t include countless competitors. While it should be pointed out that actual daily usership will be lower than this number — and usership statistics vary based on what source you reference — there’s an undeniable surge of adoption.

  • Mobile isn’t immune

If you thought figures around desktop ad-blocking use were disheartening, adoption of mobile-based ad blockers is even worse:  A study from Priori Data shows 20% of the world’s internet users have some type of mobile ad blocker installed, and there’s a 90% year-over-year increase in usership. Oh, and according a Hubspot study, 83% of internet users would like to block all types of mobile ads.

  • But there’s hope!

The same Hubspot study suggests that 68% of users are OK with seeing ads, provided they aren’t annoying (like full-screen takeovers, auto-playing videos, etc.).

For more statistics surrounding ad blocking extensions, check out Hubspot’s excellent blog post, or download their extensive report for a deeper dive into the subject.

What implications could ad blocking have for your marketing efforts?  Feel free to sound off below.