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What B2B marketers can learn from the beverage industry

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For years, beverage companies reaped the benefits of skyrocketing sales in the soft drink segment. And what had worked historically for these companies was continuing to work.

Until now.

Because of a growing health-conscious public and their desire for unique pairings of natural ingredients and flavors with far less calories, companies like Coca-Cola have been forced to change their approach to fit the desires of their consumers, offering options such as Vitamin Water and Coke Zero.

In this respect, B2B marketers are no different than the large beverage companies that seek to meet the demands of evolving consumers and their changing preferences.

In years past, a generic direct mail and print advertising campaign may have done the trick. But the fact is, targets of B2B marketing are really consumers first. Busy consumers. And they now want only the information that is applicable to them, delivered when and where they want it. Makes sense to me.

A targeted message coupled with a targeted delivery method is the one-two punch that can allow B2B marketers to realize spoils of a well-planned and well-executed marketing strategy.

The messaging is the easy part. But how do you now get the right message to the right individuals? (This is the million dollar question.)

Well for starters, LinkedIn isn’t just for stalking your new coworker. It’s proven to be a great avenue for targeted online advertising aimed at a certain group of individuals – be that job title, company type, or whatever else you can dream up.

Trade publications are also a great source for sending the message you want to only the contacts who need to see/hear it.

Perhaps the best source for a targeted list of individuals is your very own company. Lead or prospect lists that have been created, cultivated and maintained regularly can prove to be immensely valuable in reaching the right people with the right message.

One thing we can all learn from the beverage experts is that we need to blend the right message with the right medium to meet the tastes of the target audience.