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Understanding programmatic advertising: An infographic

Programmatic advertising: it sounds mysterious, automated and possibly a bit complicated. The truth? Yes, it is all of those things. But it’s also a cost-effective way to use digital advertising to target your audiences.

The traditional digital advertising method has been to HOPE the person you want to reach happens to read the trade website that people in their industry sometimes visit. While that method is still important and effective, programmatic takes things a step further. Programmatic places your digital ads directly in front of your target demographic wherever they are on the internet: trade sites, shopping sites, hobby sites, news sites — even mobile apps.

The result is that your advertising can be more effective, be more engaging, convert better and cost less. It’s somewhat complicated to explain, but thanks to our brilliant Media and Sourcing Director Pamela Wilcoxson, we’ve come up with a programmatic advertising infographic to help make it simple.

And if you decide programmatic advertising is for you, don’t forget to include this key, but increasingly missing, element in whatever you do.

VantagePoint Marketing Programmatic advertising infographic