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Best of VantagePoint: Top 9 Blogs from 2019

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The end of December is a special time filled with anticipation for the New Year and reflection on the year coming to an end. As we’re setting our sights on 2020 goals we’re also looking back at our favorite blogs of the year.

Check out our top blogs from 2019:

1. Graphic Design Trends for 2020
Get informed about design trends for next year with our most visited blog in 2019.

2. Popeye’s Pandemonium
Apparently, there is nothing the internet community loves more than chicken sandwiches. Check this one out to learn more about the nature of viral content.

3. VantagePoint’s 2019 Super Bowl Commercial Review
See who we thought brought their A-game to the advertising industry’s biggest night in 2019.

4. 5 Website Design Trends to Help You Stand Out
Save this blog for when you need some web design inspiration in the new year.

5. How Strong Copy Makes Us Believe the Impossible
We love a review of a popular brand’s advertisement — particularly when it’s written by our resident copy expert. Read this when you need a mini escape from your technical spec sheets speak.

6. B2B Direct Mail: Do We Even Need it Anymore?
Direct mail is alive and well and looking forward to getting more use in the next decade.

7. 5 Tips to Integrate Emojis into Your B2B Marketing Strategies
What’s more 2019 than using emojis in marketing? Reference this post for a guide on emoji best practices.

8. B2B Product Launches: What Your Reps Want You To Avoid
As you strive for successful product launches in the future, here’s what to NOT do.

9. 7 B2B Marketing Influencers You Should Be Following
Last but not least, here’s who you should be following on social media to stay up-to-date on B2B marketing news and trends.

What blog topics are you looking forward to in 2020? Let us know in the comments.