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The 5 Foodservice Blogs You Should Follow

top foodservice blogs
Blogs are a great way to access news and helpful content, and their digital format makes them somewhat easier to consume than magazines. But with all the foodservice blogs out there, it’s tough to know which ones post regular, informative content that’s easy to digest and worth following. I’ve done the legwork for you. Here are my top foodservice blogs:

1. Upserve

When it comes to the restaurant industry, Upserve is one of the best places to find insight. They also frequently feature advice from successful restauranteurs.

Key articles:
3 Reasons To Be Happy Your Guests Are On Their Phones
Is Delivery Killing Dine-In Restaurants?

2. National Restaurant Association (NRA)

Although it isn’t technically a blog, the Manage My Restaurant section of the NRA website provides insightful pieces about foodservice and restaurant management.

Key articles:
Community giving boosts employee morale
6 strategies to integrate locally sourced food

3. Food Marketing Institute (FMI)

FMI’s blog guides the way through the food retail industry with news on food safety, government relations, consumer affairs and food research.

Key articles:
Sustainability and Food Retail: Alive and Kicking
Congress should stand with Main Street, not Wall Street

4. Restaurant Hospitality

Restaurant Hospitality provides content for independent restaurant operators that includes trends, news and opinion pieces.

Key articles:
Beverage experts share their biggest career lessons
Why pre-employment tests are crucial

5. VantagePoint Marketing

Yes, this is a shameless plug, but our own blog provides insight and best practices for foodservice marketing, advertising, branding and more.

Key articles:
Menus in 2017: Death of the diet
Pick a color — as long as it’s blue or red

Staying on top of the fast-changing foodservice industry often requires regular reading, and I’m open to more recommendations. What foodservice blogs are in your top five?