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4 Reasons Direct Mail Is Here to Stay

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The rise of personalization and targeting is rapidly changing the direct mail landscape, but as we enter a new decade, it’s clear that direct mail still plays an important role in reaching customers and driving sales. In fact, according to the Data & Marketing Association, direct mail is second only to the telephone for offline marketing spends with more than $44 billion annually.

Here are four reasons direct mail can still play a significant role in the success of your overall marketing strategy:


When you check your own mailbox these days, you’re pre-programmed to ignore “junk mail” and any standard envelope that looks suspicious. That’s why unique direct mail — when used properly — can be such a valuable component of your overall marketing campaign. Consider unusual footprints, formats and containers. Aim to surprise your audience with something that feels different and personal.


The best direct mail is disruptive but simple. It should be easy to add on as a component to any campaign — and yes, it’s still worth it in 2019/2020. It’s a very effective way to reach your most valuable prospects.

It’s all about STRATEGY.

Tracking your direct mail is easy, especially when you provide unique phone numbers, URLs or other touchpoints to record. Think of direct mail as another important way to gather information about your general audience, your target customers and the state of your industry at large.

It’s something SPECIAL.

With the holidays in full effect, we’re all starting to pay more attention to the mailbox. Take advantage of windows like these on the calendar — you’ll always get eyeballs on a piece that’s conceived unconventionally and mailed conventionally. The most effective direct mail makes your customers feel special.

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