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3 Marketing Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

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By now, most of our personal 2020 New Year’s resolutions have failed miserably. Perhaps you haven’t set foot in the gym since you joined in early January. Or maybe that vow to eat less sugar died in a blaze of “buy one, get two free” Ben & Jerry’s-fueled glory. Whatever the setback, personal disappointments don’t have to dissuade us from committing to professional improvement this year ― but maybe this time, let’s set goals we know we can accomplish. Here are a few suggestions for “low bar” marketing resolutions to improve your company’s marketing fitness in 2020.

1. Tailor content

You’re likely already crafting public-facing messages by buyer persona or target audience to some degree. In 2020, why not resolve to step up your tailored email content game? No, I don’t mean with “personalized” [insert-recipient-name-here] emails. Rather, start leveraging that CRM and marketing automation platform you’ve already invested in. Look for opportunities in your email messaging to serve up dynamic content based on a recipients’ past behavior and begin using your platform’s functionality to nurture leads over time. (And for more ideas on how to improve email marketing ROI through personalization, see here.)

2. Fully embrace video

Video marketing specialists wyzowl recently released their annual “Video Marketing Statistics: The State of Video Marketing” report, with the results underscoring what most of us already know: Video marketing’s upward trajectory isn’t going to level off any time soon. From boosting conversion rates to aiding purchase decisions, video content is continually proving a worthwhile investment for marketers, with over 88% reporting a positive ROI! Consider how your company could start producing more video content that offers real value to prospects and customers ― it can be done with less effort and a lower budget than you might think.

Once you’ve committed to video, consider featuring your work on platforms beyond the “big two” of YouTube and Facebook. According to wyzowl’s study, LinkedIn is actually proving the most fruitful channel for marketers with a whopping 87% of respondents declaring it an effective channel.

3. Act on analytics

Chances are you’ve had Google Analytics tracking your corporate website’s traffic for years, but how often are you diving deep into the metrics? Analytics’ data-heavy interface can be more overwhelming than a Planet Fitness on January 2nd, and not knowing where to start leads a surprising number of marketers to ignore the information altogether. If that’s you, consider leveraging one of numerous free and paid dashboard services to create a more tailored, accessible way to view the data you’re most interested in. We recommend DashThis.

Many of the stronger dashboard options also integrate with your social and SEM platforms to give a one-stop overview of all your digital channels’ performance. From there, trendspotting, informed budgeting decisions and provable return on marketing spend will all flow more easily.

These suggestions are far from groundbreaking, but setting more realistic marketing resolutions increases the chance you’ll commit to — and actually achieve — them over the year. Sound off below with other ideas around low-effort, high-reward marketing improvement.