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How to turn one topic into (at least) 10 pieces of content


Content can be insightful. It can be entertaining. It can be helpful.

But it can also be hard to come up with.

That’s why when you uncover a story or topic that will resonate with and add value to your audience, you want to maximize it as much as possible — particularly in the B2B world where these stories might come less frequently.

Below is an example where one primary story is used create a variety of content pieces — some long, some short, all impactful.

Original topic

Customer story about operational savings from switching to your equipment

Pieces of content

  1. Written case study brief capturing the customer problem and solution
  2. Video featuring the customer telling their story at their facility
  3. Case study presentation at industry conference
  4. Pitch to trade media to interview manufacturer and customer about equipment trends
  5. Infographic of the demonstrated savings and ROI that can be realized from equipment changes
  6. Tip sheet on how to assess your foodservice equipment for cost savings opportunities
  7. Blog post providing a “behind-the-scenes” look at the customer’s operation
  8. LinkedIn post promoting the ROI infographic
  9. Tweet comprised of a unique data point from the case study and a link to infographic
  10. Article in your e-newsletter that shares highlights from the case study and directs readers to learn more with a link to the video on your website

This list represents just a few of the ways to bring new life to a single topic and extend this content.

How have you used a topic or story to develop multiple pieces of content? Share your ideas in the comments.