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How To Leverage Customer Success Stories

how to leverage customer success stories

In the foodservice industry, it can be a tricky for food and beverage producers and equipment manufacturers to know how to leverage customer success stories. Sometimes major foodservice brands have strict limitations on what can be shared publicly, while other times there’s natural sensitivity to appearing to ride on a customer’s coattails.

Regardless of the situation, we find there are numerous ways to share your success related to major foodservice brands, while remaining a good, respectful partner to those customers.

Here are three ideas of how to leverage customer success stories that have worked for our clients:

1. Creating nameless case studies

We all know there are certain major chains that will not approve case studies/testimonials featuring their brands. While you should certainly be careful to protect confidential information, case studies can still be an effective way to showcase your success, even without naming names. Take a look at these examples from Antunes and T&S Brass.

2. Sharing their news

Good social media content strategies include a mix of self-published and curated content. Supplement your thought leadership content by sharing positive news coverage of your customers, adding brief commentary commending one of your partners. This signals to your followers — or prospects researching you — that you’re connected to these publicized successes.

3. Celebrating (and sharing in) their wins

When a customer achieves something significant, it’s natural for the suppliers/consultants involved to share their pride. One direct yet subtle way of letting others know about your company’s involvement is creating and sharing a congratulatory message on social media, showing appreciation for the partnership. This post can then be sponsored, targeting relevant prospects. Check out this example from AyrKing that leveraged big industry buzz. [Note: With this idea, it’s important to have approval from your customer contact and to not take credit away from the customer.]

Don’t stop there! From displaying customer logos/testimonials online or in your trade show exhibit to helping to coordinate press coverage that includes your brand and your customers, there are plenty of ways to gain credibility and recognition from customer success stories. How have you leveraged this in your own brand? Sound off in the comments.