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Get a B2B Marketing Boost from Blogging [Infographic]

There are countless bad reasons for your B2B company to blog:

  • To create a way to cram as many keywords as possible into posts in a poor attempt at SEO
  • To have a space to wax poetically about topics that are only relevant to internal team members
  • To give your CEO a place to share conspiracy theories
  • Just because everyone else is doing it

The best reason for blogging is when it can support your company’s public relations and marketing objectives ― providing you an owned media outlet that aligns with your organizational goals and brings value to your target publics.

This infographic shares four ways blogging can help drive your B2B marketing objectives, from boosting social media and search strategies to supporting the customer journey. If you’re looking to improve your marketing efforts, blogging might be the tactic you need. And we have the stats to prove it.

Once you get your blog up and running, you’ll need to keep it going. For some sound advice, check out this blog post on how to sustain your content marketing program.

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