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Five Questions to Answer When Creating an Editorial Calendar

Keeping your customers engaged through consistent content can sometimes be a challenge. Coming up with ideas for that content is a whole other animal.

A great way to generate ideas and get minds churning is through a brainstorming session. Brainstorming is neither the final stage nor is it the be-all and end-all, but it does open a conversation where participants can contribute ideas freely.

When you’re brainstorming, use these five questions to help identify topics for future pieces of content:

  1. Have there been any new product launches or new developments that set your organization apart from the competition?

This seems like an obvious one, but not everyone announces new information in a way that provides insight to customers. Declaring new processes, technology or personnel provides proof of your company’s innovativeness and willingness to stay current in the industry. Honing specific traits about your business differentiates you from the industry norm, so be sure to utilize those topics that express your uniqueness.

  1. What are the hot topics right now that your business can speak to?

A lot of people get confused on this one. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every topic has to link to your own successes. Offering insight and knowledge on a hot topic that affects the industry as a whole helps you connect and resonate with readers — even if you’re not the best player in the field.

  1. What is important to your customers?

Sharing content with key audiences is not about tooting your own horn. Recognition and valued relationships will come when your customers trust your expertise. Present relevant content that hooks readers to learn more about an industry issue or your specific service. If you can feed them what they want, you will become a trusted source.

  1. What topics correlate with your key messages?

The type of content you share with your audiences shouldn’t be a shot in the dark; the editorial calendar exists to serve as a strategic lineup of content you will share with customers. For your editorial calendar to complement and align with your overall content marketing strategy, topics need to represent your company’s foundational messages.

  1. Are there any seasonal topics you can speak to?

Seasonal topics are great to plug in throughout the year because they provide your customers with timely information. These topics are limited to a specific time of year, so other pieces of content can be used to fill in the gaps around these pieces.

Think outside the box to come up with ideas that catch attention and make sense for your business. Don’t be the fourth person to talk about an old, stale topic. And don’t be afraid to try something brand new.

Brainstorming can feel like a controlled chaos of ideas, but it is essential to getting the ball rolling for fresh content. Check out this infographic from HubSpot on how to make brainstorming sessions more productive and inclusive for your team.