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Five Overlooked Blog Types to Diversify your Content

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From sharing thoughts on recent news or trends to providing helpful insight, blogs are an ideal way to demonstrate expertise and provoke thoughtful, meaningful conversations with users.

Just as the topics covered by a business blog can run the gamut, the options for how the content is served up can also take a number of different forms. Common blog types include personal narratives, news compilations and list posts (like this one!), but here are a few that you may be overlooking:

Videos and Infographics

Most people think of blogs as a written medium, but there is definite value in embedding an interesting infographic or informative video and providing some context within the post. These items are also highly shareable, which can help with your overall reach.

Interviews or Guest Posts

If your blog tends to have the same voice for all of its posts, think about including a post from a relevant guest author or take the opportunity to interview an internal subject matter expert or someone in a related field to bring a new perspective.

Tips and Tricks

One-off tips or tricks may not warrant a blog post, but by collecting a few that fall into the same overarching category, you can create a blog post that adds value for your readers by teaching them a new skill or a more efficient way to work.


Read an interesting article or book? Listen to an informative podcast? Share that information in a blog post, adding your opinions, thoughts and takeaways for additional color.

Behind-the-Scenes Posts

Give your readers a little insight into your day, your department or your facility. When you’re able to share this less traditional view of what goes on at your company, it can help to build your brand personality.

Consider giving a few of these blog post formats a try and see how they resonate with your readers — you may find that they lead to new, interesting content and can bring new life to your blog!