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Driving Change Through Journey Mapping [Infographic]

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and Heart of the Customer conducted a survey over one hundred customer experience practitioners and consultants who have experience with journey mapping. The ensuing infographic details some of the key findings and best practices for gaining customer insights. Here’s a preview:

Journey map infographic

(Check out the full journey mapping infographic.)

This infographic does a great job of demonstrating various aspects of the journey mapping process and how much detail is involved in the deliberate process.

One aspect that’s vitally important in journey mapping is developing buyer personas — which 58% of practitioners in this survey are doing. It’s essential to fully understand what’s motivating your key decision makers both emotionally and rationally. Knowing what appeals to the emotional side of buyers helps companies craft messages that are potentially unknown to competitors and can persuade buyers to choose you. You also need to explore the more rational drivers in their purchasing criteria through a series of questions surrounding their daily job activities, responsibilities and priorities.

Personas help create offers, messages, and sales and marketing strategies that foster human connections to the individuals who are making purchase decisions. For example, VantagePoint has developed a series of buyer personas across multiple industries including foodservice, healthcare, IT and manufacturing. As the study mentions, I strongly encourage you to conduct in-depth interviews by phone or in person to gain key insights that will best guide the buyer journey.

While you’re working to develop buyer personas for your marketing needs, be sure to review these four simple rules for market segmentation.