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Creating Compelling "3D" Copy

Effective, high-impact messaging can take on many different forms: an unexpected headline, an engaging prompt that pulls you right in, or maybe even a manifesto you can’t bring yourself to put down. Long or short, it all seizes your attention — and more often than not, it all has the following three Ds in common:


This is just a fancy way of saying you’re staking your claim and outlining your territory first. Who are you? Where do you stand? What do you believe? Establishing these basic details about your own identity may seem like a foregone conclusion, but it’s critical to understand yourself before you start communicating with others.


Once you’ve drawn your line in the sand, it’s time to communicate with purpose. Your direction isn’t just your present opinion — it’s also the course you’re charting for the future. Clarity of direction leaves no ambiguity about what you’re communicating today, tomorrow and beyond.


Finally, it’s important to consider giving depth and character to your message, expressing your brand’s personality in the words you choose. While the delineation and direction both provide the foundation for your core message, the dimension makes it memorable, personal and lasting in the minds of your audience.