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Copywriter Q&A



As campaigns and other initiatives evolve and grow more and more complex, it’s always critical to keep a certain clarity of purpose in the messaging. It takes a keen eye (and ear) to ensure the most important message doesn’t get lost in the mix. Here are some common missteps and challenges on the messaging front — as well as some takeaways about what’s most effective as you communicate about your brand in the marketplace.

From the copywriter’s perspective, what’s the most common challenge when rolling out a new message?
In the excitement of a product launch, a rebranding initiative or a new campaign, it can be tempting to say it all. Every feature, every benefit, every detail. But the danger in saying it all is, well, to say nothing at all. It’s so important to distill the primary message to its purest, most digestible form — giving the audience a chance to come away with a memorable word, phrase or line about you.


What if there really is a lot to say? How do you communicate it all without muddying the waters?
Effective copy takes advantage of similarities among multiple points to create one strong message — whether it’s a group of features/benefits that all support a larger message of sustainability or a series of brand drivers that all build to a refrain of reliability. Making these connections first helps the copy organize itself — elevating the key message and undergirding it with relevant details.


In your opinion, what do some of today’s most successful campaigns have in common?
Beyond a clear, concise message, today’s most successful campaigns share a simple takeaway that is conversational, accessible and memorable. Maybe it’s a tagline that simply cuts to the chase, or body copy that distills a complex, technical process into layman’s terms. These campaigns don’t just answer the question “What do we do?” but also “Why should you care?” That’s what sets truly effective advertising and marketing apart.