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Big problem? Think smaller | 3 small projects that helped address big obstacles

In an ideal world, endless resources exist for big campaigns: a larger sales force, customers happy to go on the record with testimonials, photo shoots and more. But we all know we don’t live in an ideal world — and we often need to be more flexible, more resourceful and more, well, creative.

Over the past year, we’ve helped clients address various issues through a variety of tactics. But as I reflect on 2018 success stories, there are several projects that stand out for helping to solve a problem in a unique way. Here are three “small” examples.

Example #1:

Opportunity: Build thought leadership
Obstacle: Expense and time involved with publishing proprietary research studies or implementing a full-scale campaign
Solution: Content curation

To help associate one client with industry expertise, an “annual report”-style piece of gated content was created to share highly relevant industry news along with the company’s unique perspectives and advice for capitalizing on trends. The report was promoted through digital advertising and on social media, and a printed version was dispersed at trade shows.

Example #2:

Opportunity: Showcase the aesthetic appeal of new products through stunning photography
Obstacle: Significant difficulty/expense in finding locations appropriate for shooting and scheduling multiple product installation and photo shoots
Solution: 3D renderings

Our digital and motion graphics designer is one talented guy who can quite literally create something from almost nothing. By creating 3D scenes and modeling the client’s products, we were able to create a collection of new images featuring the products in the best possible light. These images would have been nearly impossible to achieve through traditional photo shoots.

Example #3:

Opportunity: Further leverage a valuable piece of content created months ago
Obstacle: Limited channels in which to share it with the target audience
Solution: Short-term LinkedIn sponsored content campaign

An investment was made in a valuable piece of content to be used as a sales tool earlier in the year, but several months later, it wasn’t being used as often as expected. To get it in front of the target audience faster, we utilized their existing (but rarely used) LinkedIn page to post a small backlog of relevant posts before sponsoring a post featuring the showcase piece. Targets were selected based on location, company industry, company size and job title. In just two months, we registered 80+ clicks with this simple campaign.

What obstacles are in your way for 2019? Try thinking differently about how best to overcome them.