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A Guide to POS Marketing in Foodservice Environments

Foodservice providers know perhaps better than any other industry that point of sale (POS) marketing is vital for giving customers an opportunity to further engage with your brand. But gone are the days of spinning signs at traffic lights; as consumers have grown more sophisticated, so have our POS marketing techniques. To reach today’s consumers, POS marketing tactics should be both familiar and attention grabbing. Here are a few POS marketing strategies we recommend.

Incentive or LTO

Even if it’s an artificial construct, like a limited time offer (LTO), look for ways to stress scarcity or time limitations. Taco Bell has done a brilliant job marketing their fries coated with “bold Mexican seasoning” with nacho cheese dipping sauce. Based on the customer response to the fries, this LTO was a huge success.

Upscale 3D Signs

Supermarkets, restaurants and c-stores are showcasing products via impressive remodels, featured equipment like brick oven pizzas, and other grab-n-go merchandising techniques. Take, for example, Lowes Foods, a grocery chain in the Carolinas. They promote their mouth-watering BBQ ribs with upscale 3D signs at the perimeters of their supermarkets, and I can testify firsthand that it’s an effective strategy.

Integrating Kiosks & Technology

Using front-of-house digital kiosks and animated menu boards enables QSR guests to quickly order food. This nod to technology also reduces labor costs. McDonald’s started rolling out ordering kiosks at its US locations in 2015, with no intention to stop based on the improvement in wait times and order accuracy they’ve experienced.

Buzz-Worthy Keywords & Claims

We recently completed a collection of POS materials for Wayne Farms, including window clings, to-go stickers and table tents. Our goal was to promote how their CHEF’S CRAFT® brand’s attributes of freshness, quality and healthfulness align with consumer needs and wants. To achieve this goal, we leveraged health claims and terms such as “all natural,” “antibiotic free” and “gluten free” in the POS materials. Wayne Farms conducted market research to identify what was trending and uncovered customer benefits that matter.

These are just a few POS materials we’ve found work well. Have any tactics you’ve found to be successful? Let us know in the comments.