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5 ways to use Instagram in your B2B marketing

Instagram is a great platform for seeing beautiful photography around the world, keeping up with your friends from school or tracking your family across the country. But, you say, my B2B product doesn’t lend itself to a grand landscape panorama or the drama of the latest high school incident — can I still use Instagram?

Why, of course! Here are 5 simple ways to use Instagram to promote your B2B company and its products or services:

1. Put a human face on your company. Show your employees working behind the scenes, smiling at the camera. Perhaps showcase a different department each week. Or, show your team volunteering in the community or for a cause your company is passionate about. Using Instagram Stories is a great way to show almost-real-time activity as well. Not only are these uses great for general promotion of your company, they can also be excellent HR recruiting tools.

2. Tout ways your product or service is being used. If your device is in use inside a well-known machine (say, the drink machine at McDonald’s or the conveyor belt at the airport), show the application. If a customer is making a difference using what you sell, get their permission and show it — the photo/video-based medium of Instagram is perfect for demonstrating your product or service in action.

3. Announce flash sales, promotions or giveaways. No one likes their Instagram feeds full of ads, but if you occasionally announce “10% off all orders over $5000 until midnight” with a discount code, you’ll be rewarding those who follow you regularly, and get some traffic to your sales portals as well.

4. Build followers with cross promotions. By hosting a giveaway to everyone who mentions your promotion and tags 2 friends in the comments, you get some word-of-mouth traffic at very little cost to you. Adding another brand into the mix will result in an exponentially higher reach. B2C brands do this better than B2B, but there’s no reason it can’t work for you!

5. Take advantage of video. We’re not talking Boomerang here — just real video, to show your assembly line in action, or capture a brief clip from an event or seminar you’re hosting or attending.

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