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5 Tips to Assist Your 2019 Direct Marketing Strategy

We have only two more months until 2019 (insert sigh), and if you’re like us, you’re planning ahead. As you look to refuel your direct marketing approach for 2019, here are five quick tips to aid in the planning.

  1. Make an impact – Analyze the marketing success metrics you set at the beginning and evaluate any A/B testing. Look at what content performed better as well as how many online conversions and gated downloads you received. In short, pull any numbers at your disposal.
  2. Audit your content – Take inventory of your existing short- and long-form content assets — articles, videos, trends reports, etc. — that may be worth repurposing for new eblasts.
  3. Consider your messaging framework – Hold a brainstorm session with your subject matter experts to inform the editorial calendar and begin new research studies to inspire new content development.
  4. Tailor your content – According to a buyer journey research study I conducted, 88 percent of readers are likely to pay attention to content that’s been tailored to their market segment. Market segments should inform the messaging strategy as well as number of emails and direct marketing paths.
  5. Make some offers – Whether it’s a limited time offer, free sample of a new food or beverage or an in-person demo — be sure to rotate soft and hard offers to promote products, services or solutions.

Planning is key to see success in 2019. Get started on planning sooner rather than later, keeping sight of your objectives, content and audience. Looking for more annual planning tips? Check out this advice.