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5 steps to boosting e-marketing success


Whether your e-marketing program is in its infancy or already well established, there are a few steps to ensure you’re adopting the best approach to increase open and click-through rates, shorten sales cycles and win more deals.

At VantagePoint we’ve identified a five-point how-to plan that supports basic promotional emails as well as the more sophisticated marketing automation (MA) customer journeys.

  1. Cadence: Determine how frequently you want to interact with your customers and prospects. For B2B we recommend once a month at a minimum. Keep a close watch on click-through and open rates and unsubscribes, especially if you want to maintain a daily or weekly communication pace.
  2. Content: Offer high-value content — product and thought leadership — to increase engagement and drive conversion.  Avoid incorporating “filler” content just to meet a quota.
  3. Integration: Utilize a CRM marketing database such as SalesForce to maintain and segment your list by segment, job title and origin (tradeshow, paid media, online lead, etc.) to help tailor the conversation to the decision-makers’ needs.
  4. Nurture: Establish an email template in your MA platform of choice to drop in content tailored to your target audience. Identify and capitalize on unique buyer journey paths to accelerate potential customers through the sales funnel with soft or hard offers.
  5. Results: Utilize the real-time KPI reports available to score and prioritize leads based on their behaviors, and then hand off to sales for immediate follow-up to close the sale.