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4 Things B2B Companies Can Learn from Publix Holiday Commercials

Christmas time is finally here! But I bet you’ve already realized that from the countless advertisements surrounding you, including the commercials that have been playing on TV since before Thanksgiving. In this onslaught of Christmas commercials, it’s easy for companies to get lost in the crowd with just another fa-la-la-la message. But some companies have learned to leverage more than the trees, presents and festivities that come with the season. Publix stands out as a prime example of how to tap into the meaning behind the season, which it does year after year in its advertising — and B2B companies can learn a thing or two from its heart-warming messages.

Why do Publix’s holiday advertisements stand out? For me, it’s the sentiment they elicit. All Publix commercial have a few things in common: they tell a heartwarming story, are centered around families, have a genuine approach and always have a happy ending. Here are four ways you can apply that winning strategy from Publix commercials to the B2B world at Christmas and beyond.

Tell a story. We all know this one. Rather than just showing off a piece of foodservice equipment, tell the story behind the ways it’s used. For a Christmas twist, show how a hospital uses your equipment to cook Christmas meals for families whose loved ones are sick and won’t be home for the holidays. Or maybe advertise the mail carrier stopping by the local coffee shop you supply after a long day of delivering presents.

Family ties. Don’t be afraid to leverage that your business is family-owned and operated. You can tie this into the holidays by sending out a Christmas card to current customers and prospects. It’s a kind and personal gesture to let them know you appreciate their business. Save a copy of each Christmas card and after several years, compile them into a piece that reflects how your company has grown or how it remains true to its family values.

Testimonials. Nothing is more genuine than a testimonial from a happy customer. Sure, you can toot your own horn all day long, but the music will sound a lot sweeter coming from someone else. As you grow your portfolio of testimonials and begin to advertise these, new customers will take notice and recognize you as a trustworthy company they will be happy to do business with.

Deliver on what you promise. Publix stories always have a happy ending. It’s important for you to deliver this happy ending to your customers each and every time. If you advertise delivery in a certain time frame, make sure you fulfill that promise. Following through on your promises is a sure way to get yourself on the nice list. 😉

Have you found inspiration in other holiday advertisements? Share your takeaways in the comments below. And while you’re looking to B2C for inspiration, check out what glasses maker Warby Parker can teach you about branding.