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3 Ways to Make Your e-Newsletter More Impactful

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When it comes to communicating with your customers and prospects through a tool like an e-newsletter, it’s not just about what you put out there, but what happens after they open the email. Good marketers know it’s the ‘sticky factor’ that can make or break a good message. But how do you begin? Here are three ways to ensure your e-newsletters are doing the job for you.

Typically, the second ‘S’ in this acronym means something else, but this time, it stands for ‘short’. Keep it simple and short.

Customers and prospects are unbelievable busy, so the amount of time they’re actually going to spend reading an e-newsletter is minimal – no matter how good/relevant the content actually is. Plus, although it’s hard to believe, yours probably is not the only e-marketing tool that’s landed in their inbox today.

Give your readers the CliffsNotes but provide them with the opportunity to read more when they have the time. But be sure that if they don’t close the loop on this invitation, they still come away from your e-newsletter with the general info you want them to have.

Push them away
Well, not exactly. What I mean is that if you give away the farm in the e-newsletter, there’s no reason for the reader to engage beyond that one email.

Instead, invite them to watch a video on your website or remind them of the great webinar they missed (and…ahem…can access at your website). This type of self-guided engagement is invaluable and allows them to tune in when they have the time, not to mention the mind space.

Spread the word
If you’re sharing the right kind of content (that is to say, it’s relevant to your audience), they will likely find it valuable enough to share.

Make this very easy on them, by providing them with easy links to do just that. A few popular options are email, LinkedIn and Twitter. By serving up these quick buttons, you’re taking the extra step out of the equation and removing an obstacle that might otherwise have prevented it from ever being seen by anyone else.

These tips, while not earth-shattering, are basic essentials that can help improve the effectiveness of your e-newsletter and impact your business.