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3 tips for B2B-ers from Facebook's best business pages

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It seems nearly every business under the sun has a Facebook page, from megaliths like Apple and Nike to the kid down the street mowing lawns on Saturday afternoons.

With more than a billion people on Facebook every day, the marketing prospects may seem endless, but successfully curating your B2B company’s Facebook page is part art and part science.

HubSpot recently highlighted some of their favorite Facebook pages and what makes them so great. Most of these pages are well known brand names or groups — organizations that focus their marketing on consumers — but there are some crucial lessons B2B companies can glean from these success stories.

  • Play to your strengths. Not Gold’s Gym? Don’t post fitness videos. Do you manufacture cooking equipment? Then your organization probably knows its way around a kitchen. Use it to your advantage.
  • Be creative in reaching your audience. Align with your followers’ interests. L.L. Bean springboards from simply showcasing its outdoor gear and apparel to offering tips and information for outdoor adventure seekers. That cooking equipment of yours? Branch out from highlighting how it works or what it does to sharing recipes, kitchen insider tips or other information that your customers might benefit from and enjoy.
  • Tap into tools that make sense. You’re not likely to use “shop now” or “find a location” features you might find on a retail business page, or the “donate” button that charities take advantage of. But don’t be afraid to get creative with other options. An international tab, used to great effect on Starbucks’ Facebook page, might be useful if you have an international market. Or try out Facebook Live to highlight what you do well, whether that’s a peek inside a manufacturing process or how a product is implemented and used in real-life applications.

As with all marketing efforts, knowing your audience and finding ways to improve their experience with your brand are the keys to Facebook success.