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3 Advertising Resolutions for the New Year

We just celebrated the end of 2018 and are looking forward to all that’s to come in the new year. While you might be making some personal resolutions to better yourself (like working off those 10 extra pounds you put on over the holidays), just as important are resolutions you’d like to make for your business in 2019. In what ways can you advertise differently and more effectively? I have some suggestions for advertising resolutions for 2019 that you could (and should) make your own.

1. Shoot more videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, “one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words,” according to Forrester Research. Have you been incorporating video into your marketing strategy like you should? Video enables companies to connect with audiences using a multitude of senses, which is what makes it such an effective medium for advertising. Unconvinced? Take a look at this vidyard blog that explores the science behind why videos work and how viewers not only enjoy watching videos more but are also able to comprehend the meaning of a video faster and more effectively than text and even images alone. By using the senses of both sight and hearing, it is more likely that your message will resonate with viewers. More of this in 2019.

2. Incorporate marketing automation

It’s likely that you weren’t able to get through 2018 without hearing the words “marketing automation.” In case you didn’t, Salesforce defines marketing automation as “technology that manages marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically.” This means that marketing automation allows you to create tailored content to segments of your audience, which can then be altered and customized based on their customer behavior. You can even program buyer journeys in advance, nurturing your audience based on where they are in the sales funnel and provide them with content that is relevant to them. Are you interested in marketing automation but scared to try it? Check out these 5 lessons learned from a co-worker’s first experience managing a marketing automation campaign.

3. Make time to review your metrics

When you’re stuck in the incessant “go, go, go” mindset during the year, you can find yourself jumping to the next advertising initiative without taking time to reflect on what went right or wrong with your campaign. Reflect on your analytics and KPIs from 2018 and make sure you pay attention to your successes and failures. Which marketing tactics worked? Which ones provided the greatest ROI? In the new year, you want to continue building upon your wins and ensure you don’t repeat any past mistakes.

I encourage you to look at 2019 as a year of opportunity. If you aren’t happy with the outcome of your adverting initiatives from the last year, make a resolution to switch things up! Are there other resolutions you’re making for your business this year? Let us know about them in the comments below!