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25 Words of Wisdom from the VantagePoint Team

Every day we are amazed at the wisdom and knowledge our VantagePoint team collectively brings to the table. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we asked the team what advice they’d received that has stuck with them over the years. Some original, some cliché, some silly — here are 25 favorites.

On perseverance

“Direction, not intention, determines your destination.” – Andrea Simrell, public relations manager

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” – Dave McQuaid, vice president, creative and digital

“I never said it would be easy; I said it would be worthwhile.” – Sara Gilstrap, account manager

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” – Alex McIntire, content specialist/market development manager

On building the life you want

“Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” – Pamela Wilcoxson, media and sourcing director

“Know what you’re worth.” – Ben Kammer, web developer

“Life’s too short to not like what you do.” – Danny McKnight, digital and motion graphics designer

“Utilize the thing you’re best at, most proud of or doing the most. You have a better chance of being successful and happy at your job if you’re using your God-given talents.” – Jon Schneider, research and strategy director/account supervisor

On responsibility

“Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it.” – Terry Hoelle, vice president of foodservice

“Waste not — money, food or time.” – Karen Landreth, office manager

“Do only what only you can do.” – Angie McEldowney, senior account manager

On relationships

“Treat everyone how you want to be treated.” – Henry Pellerin, president and CEO

“No one is ever too young to understand love or too old to kiss your parents goodnight.” – Amy Clarke Burns, market development manager/public relations specialist

“Surround yourself with positive people.” – Eileen Stocking, bookkeeper

“There’s a reason God gave you two ears and one mouth — so you could listen more than you speak. And when you listen, listen to understand; don’t listen to reply.” – Tricia Cruver, vice president and CFO

On creativity

“Plot is overrated.” – John Flynn, senior copywriter/content developer

“Don’t take yourself too seriously; in art there are no mistakes.” – Jose Perez, production/media manager

“When business viability hangs in the balance, being creative for creative’s sake has no place in the designer’s toolbox. Everything we do has to have intention.” – Steve Woodington, associate creative director

On self-improvement

“You should be able to look at anything you’ve done and see somewhere you could improve or make better. It means that you’re still growing and improving.” – Donna Malone, senior art director

“Deal with your junk.” – Michelle Getz, art director

“Education, no matter what form it takes, is never a waste.” – Autumn Nicholson, content specialist

On happiness

“Don’t worry about things outside your control.” – Collin McElhannon, senior account executive

“Enjoy the journey; don’t keep looking for what’s next.” – Josh Harm, account coordinator

“Don’t measure your progress using someone else’s ruler.” – Keaton Wylie, junior account executive

“Your identity is not in your work.” – Sarah Kuzmic, digital and print designer

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